30"h x 24"w x 1.5"d
Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas, painted sides - does not need  framing. Signed "Swink" on lower right, varnished and ready to hang.
The most important part of life for a creative person is to create. For them, the process is too important to their lives to make a choice not to move on it. For you, it's the final image that graces your wall. They work for themselves, but it directly benefits the viewer.
The RainMaker is one of those pieces that for me became more about what took place during the process of creating it than what I see when I look at the final image. I'm very happy that I happen to love this painting because I would otherwise have to question everything about myself and my art; because the process of this piece was so important to what is actually on the canvas. This one is hard to explain - but for this one, I will try for the sake of the reader...
"In this abstract painting, the name wasn't an accident - it has a meaning that is directly related to the process that created it. It is here that I realized that inspiration comes when you keep working, and the combination of paint, texture and the mood of the day when I worked, it was all a part of the whole - there's noting about this painting that isn't one big statement upon every minute during its creation. This is why I called it The RainMaker, the name has a deeper meaning to the piece - the sum of all the parts come together and make something beautiful happen, it's like the Divine stepping in and causing it to rain thus breaking the back the long drought. This is how I beheld it."

The meaning goes ever deeper as I continue to grow as an artist. I have a desire to be closer to the personal God, the One of Mercy, the One Grace - the One that makes it rain when you are in the midst of the drought and the famine has encompassed you, the One who brings life into itself, the ONE that delivers you...hence the name "The RainMaker"
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