Sand & SeaGlass
Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media
30"h  x  24"w  x  1.5"d
Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas, painted sides - no frame needed.
Signed "Swink" on lower right, varnished and ready to hang.
Sand and SeaGlass is a newly released painting, created in 2019 to be a part of a series that includes "Beside Still Waters" and "Rivers of Water"
The beauty of this piece captures the both the subtle colors and imagery of rushing water. It's become the fascination of the artist how these colors work together to create the presence of water droplets and the range of color that water will reveal in the right circumstances. This piece attempts to portray both the depth and the light that is revealed on the surface of it, producing a glass like finish and the calming effect that surrounds the subject. It's the first such piece that was created with this level of subtle subject matter and an almost monochromatic color scheme. The appearance of the light was a necessary addition which gives this painting just enough drama without over reaching. 
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