30"h  x  24"w  x  1.5"d
Acrylic and Mixed media on canvas, painted sides - no frame needed.
Signed "Swink" on lower right, varnished and ready to hang.

It's hard to express in words what a great painting is, unless of course it has some significance to a particular genre, such as Monet's "Waterlillies" and it is even harder for the artist to explain why the work is good, or even great. It comes down to the relationship the artist developed with the painting. Creation is about destruction and reconstruction and somewhere in all of that, a really incredible image develops. There isn't a secret to it, it cannot be bottled or even taught – but it can be recognized.
I've always thought that it was hard to do justice to a waterfall by painting. It's like it's an image that has always belonged to God Himself, no one ever captured it correctly without it looking insanely plastic and contrived. I never wanted to try in the style of realism, I don't think it can be done....​​​​​​​
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